One Day...

I was taking photos of families for a church directory. This woman said to me before our session, "I have never liked myself in a photo. Never... So, good luck."


I was well aware of what it felt like to not like how you look. She wasn't the first person to feel that way. So, I made it my goal to not only make her feel confident, but to take a photo, at least one, that would make her realize how beautiful she actually was.

After the session while we were reviewing the photos, she cried with me and said "You made me actually look beautiful."

After that, I knew I was going to be a photographer for a long time. I had work to do and a mission to accomplish.

I grew up in New Prague, MN. ~~~ I am very close with my family. ~~~ I studied art and reconciliation at Bethel University. ~~~ I love all things brunch. ~~~ My current dream is to live amongst the people of Cape Town, South Africa. ~~~ I'm an extrovert.~~~ I love to explore MN's beautiful trails and lakes.~~~ I equally love the people and activities of Minneapolis. ~~~ I strive to serve God's people and creation.



“My fiancé and I had the pleasure of taking our engagement photos with Ashley in the fall and we had such a good time. Ashley made the process fun and enjoyable. We loved the way she captured us having fun, our goofy personalities and the bond we share with each other. We were so excited to get our photos back and see that beautiful fall color captured in the pictures. I would recommend Ashley to anyone looking for a fun and stress free engagement session!”